As a self-taught mixed media artist, my passion is in taking discarded and otherwise forgotten objects from the world around us — vintage and modern, antique and contemporary, industrial and domestic — and repurposing them into new forms to create something magical, mysterious, raw, and imperfect.

Wall and Free-Standing Sculpture

Lilly Skye Mixed Media Art Wall and Free Standing Sculpture
+ 21

Card Sculpture

Lilly Skye Mixed Media Art Card Sculpture
+ 34

Book Sculpture
Chop Shop Chic

Lilly Skye Mixed Media Art Book Sculpture
+ 11

Book Sculpture
Eclectic Earth

Lilly Skye Mixed Media Art Book Sculpture
+ 10

Book Sculpture
Funky Fresh

Lilly Skye Mixed Media Art Book Sculpture
+ 12

Unlike many artists, my work typically isn’t intended to illustrate a particular idea or evoke emotion, but to explore and challenge my imagination and push the limits of creativity in discovering new and unexpected ways objects can be composed. My hope is that my work will engage viewers and inspire them to do the same: to explore and challenge their own imaginations.

Artist Statement

I’m a “chick picker” who digs hunting for treasures and canvassing auto repair shops, salvage yards, outdoor environments, roadsides, alleys, dumpsters, flea markets, and private stashes of family and friends for intriguing objects.

I find inspiration all around me and in unexpected places. I’m especially drawn to weathered and dilapidated objects, structures, materials, textures, and surfaces like old wood, paper, and fabric; corroded, rusted metal; historic buildings with chipped paint, raw ductwork, and piping; and antique left-behinds from eras gone by.

I believe that God has a reason for everything that happens in our lives, and sometimes He takes us down detours, turns, and rocky paths to ultimately get us to our destination.

My journey has taken me from Corporate America marketing to restaurant ownership to visual design and other odd jobs like working at an auto salvage yard [think that was a coincidence? :)]. Every experience has served to inspire my creativity, and the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride God took me on opened the door to the artist sleeping inside and I feel so blessed to be able to create.

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