It’s pretty simple, really… I want to provide exceptional service, create an unforgettable experience for my clients and their audiences, and do great work for people who care about great work and the power of design. Regardless of the client, I give my best and bring the same passion, drive, creativity, and excellence to every project.

If you’re looking for a trusted, collaborative, experienced, and professional creative partner who will be a champion for your brand and work hard to make it shine in a crowded space, then you’ve come to the right place.



Thoughts on Design

The brands that win the hearts of consumers are intentional about design; make sure their brand is communicated clearly, authentically, creatively, consistently, and cohesively; and leverage the power of design as a difference maker in rising above the noise to be heard.

Design Is a Difference Maker

Design is powerful in its ability to communicate, solve problems, shape opinions, influence decisions, inspire action, and impact experiences. It can make all the difference in a brand standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Design Is an Investment

Design isn’t a decoration, embellishment, or about making something “pretty,” but an investment in your brand. It’s a strategic, creative process that takes time, planning, commitment, collaboration, and trust to produce the best work.

Design Should be Consistent

Consistent design across all touchpoints is key to establishing a cohesive and memorable brand, building trust and credibility with audiences, and delivering a unified experience that audiences connect with.

Design Should be Functional and Aesthetic

Good design combines form, function, and aesthetics to tell the best story, create the best user experience, and move the viewer to accomplish whatever the intended goal is: inspire, inform, guide, entertain, persuade.

The 411 — 12 Fun Facts

Behind the Name

The drink I was enjoying was one my Brazilian friends turned me onto and quickly became my go-to cocktail: SKYY Vodka and Red Bull. As I was ordering at the bar and gazing at the deep iridescent blue bottle and bold “SKYY” brand, I jotted down “Lilly Skyy.” It resonated with me, both in sound and symbol, but I wanted a different spin on the spelling and didn’t really want to be compared to the SKYY label LOL. And there it was, “Lilly Skye,” to represent the bold changes I was making in my life, that I was different, and that no matter what happens, the “Skye’s the Limit.”

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