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I’m Lilly Skye, a visual designer passionate about making a difference for my clients through logo, print, and web design

Get to know me

My story

There’s no shortage of amazing design talent, so I’m honored when clients choose me. Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with individuals, small businesses, creative agencies, and marketing teams to execute their communications goals. My years of combined experience in business, marketing, and design allows me to strategically tackle projects with a unique approach. I’m a trusted, disciplined, and driven partner who truly cares about my clients and their success, strive for excellence in every project, and take pride in delivering work that is on brand and exceeds client expectations.


Make a difference for brands through handcrafted, strategic, cohesive, and distinctive visual design


Develop design solutions that connect and engage with audiences and inspire action for brands


01 / Excellent work is a standard

I give my best to every client in everything I create because striving for the “wow,” the excellence in quality, craftsmanship, details, and thoughtful work is just the right thing to do

02 / Do and be what's right

Be a person of integrity — honesty, authenticity, respect and kindness, and being a person of your word are key to long-lasting relationships, creative partnerships, and project successes

03 / Egos have no place

Ego kills creative — collaboration, communication, contribution, and understanding create the best work and allow the best ideas to come forward so leave egos at the door

04 / Humility keeps you grounded

I truly believe that my successes are not my own and I feel blessed for every opportunity that I’m given and grateful to everyone who has inspired me and helped me along my journey

05 / Learning never ends

Accept and embrace that there’s always more to learn about yourself, your work and skills, others, and life — continue to learn, be inspired, change, and adapt

06 / Partnerships are cultivated from the heart

It all starts from the heart — I truly care about my clients and their success, look after them and their interests, and believe in doing great, honest work to achieve their goals

07 / Passion and drive are at my core

I’m passionate about what I do — no matter the size of the project, I work from the heart and am driven in everything I take on to design creative solutions that help brands shine and stand out

08 / Let your cra-cra shine

We’ve all got some crazy in us and it’s good to be a little weird, different, and stand out — there’s only one you and God doesn’t make mistakes :) so celebrate these differences and let your cra-cra shine

09 / There's life after work

Do good, honest, meaningful, and purposeful work — for sure dig what you do for a living — but keep it in perspective… at the end of the day, there is life after work

10 / Tomorrow’s a new day

Some of the best advice and encouragement my Mom has given me is that no matter what happens today, tomorrow’s a new day, a fresh start, and new adventure

Thoughts on Design

Design is a difference maker

Design is powerful in its ability to communicate, solve problems, shape opinions, influence decisions, inspire action, and impact the experience

Design is an investment

Design isn’t a “pretty” embellishment or decoration, but a strategic, creative process that takes time, planning, commitment, and mutual trust to produce the best work — investing in design is investing in the long-term success of your business

Design consistency is key to a strong brand

Consistent design across all touchpoints is key to establishing a cohesive and memorable brand, building trust and credibility with audiences, and delivering a unified experience that audiences connect with

Design should be functional and beautiful

Good design should hit that emotional sweet spot, inspire, inform, guide, and move the viewer… in whatever way the goal of the design is, whether utilitarian or artistic — form, function, and aesthetics work together to tell the best story and create the most positive user experience.

411 Fun Facts

01 / Unhealthy obsession

Pastry, ummmm, no, pasta, ummmm, no, cheese, ummmm… can I have all three please? :)

02 / Outdoor adventure

Walking in the desert outside my house pretending I’m the lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic world — think Mad Max and Lara Croft hybrid

03 / Travel bucket list

Industrial tour of Detroit and Chicago (I know, right?)

04 / Family secret

My family had a motel and cafe in Deadwood, South Dakota that catered to the Sturgis Biker Rally crew… what happens in Sturgis stays in Sturgis :)

05 / Club cocktail of choice

Vodka and Red Bull or Ketel One Oranje Vodka Press (but ONLY if it’s made JUST right)

06 / Favorite musical genre

Need I say it… the 80’s baby — B-U-T seriously you can find my playlist includes a variety of music from Missing Persons to Public Image Limited to Lynyrd Skynyrd to White Stripes to Public Enemy to Daft Punk to Sam Hunt and more

07 / Young ambition

Modern dancer — I had an opportunity to try out as a Fly Girl for the 90s show, “In Living Color” and turned it down

08 / First concert

Love at First Sting tour in 1985 with Scorpions, Bon Jovi, and Ratt at the legendary Compton Terrace at Firebird Lake (leopard print mini-dress and red snakeskin pumps, baby — good times… don’t tell Mom!)

09 / Mom always told me

Tomorrow’s a new day

10 / Favorite flicks

Anything Alfred Hitchcock, James Bond, and Indiana Jones — After Hours and The Game are faves, too

11 / Guiding verse

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” –Jeremiah 29:11

12 / Design inspiration

From Pinterest to Behance to Google searches to bookmarked sites, I love looking at other designer’s work — there is so much amazing talent out there from the legends to the emergents and they both inspire me and challenge me to take my work to another level

Behind the name

People frequently ask me about my last name, “Skye,” so here’s the 411. After selling the restaurant and having just recently been divorced, I was in a transitional period, both professionally and personally. I was getting ready to start a new journey, write a new chapter in my book of life, and of course was going to change my last name but didn’t want to go back to my maiden name. While enjoying drinks with friends at the infamous Pac Shores in OB (Ocean Beach, CA), we began jotting down some last name options on napkins.

The drink I was enjoying was one my Brazilian friends turned me onto and quickly became my go-to cocktail, SKYY Vodka and Red Bull. As I was ordering at the bar and gazing at the deep iridescent blue bottle and bold “SKYY” brand, I jotted down “Lilly Skyy.” It resonated with me, both in sound and symbol, but I wanted a different spin on the spelling. And there it was, “Lilly Skye” to represent the bold changes I was making in my life and that no matter what happens, the “Skye’s the Limit.”

Kind words from clients

Thanks for stopping by :)

Thanks for stopping by :)